• With summer being one of the busiest times of the year to move, it’s likely you may be considering relocating to new house or apartment in the next few months. While there are many benefits to moving during this time of the year, there are also some drawbacks that you will want to note about this busy moving time.

    Why move during summer?

    There are several advantages to planning your move during the summer. One of the most obvious is the weather, compared to the extremes of winter. During the summer, you will avoid the ice and snow that can make moving so treacherous. In the summer you will have warm days to contend with, but you avoid icy driveways and roads that can cause someone to slip when they are carrying your belongings. A moving company in Tumwater, WA will have experience moving in the summer and will be able to walk you through what to expect.

    Because summer is also when school is out, it is easier to have the whole family there to help. You won’t have to coordinate with school schedules and this will give everyone plenty of time to get acquainted to the new surroundings before your kids have to return to school.

    Finally, with the majority of people moving in the summer, you will find that there are more options available when it comes to prospective housing. More apartments are available during this time of the year, and you will find more houses on the market as well. You will have a wide variety of options to choose from, making finding the right place to move easier.

    Reasons to avoid a summer move

    While summer may seem like the ideal time to move, there are also some drawbacks to moving during this time of the year. The cost of hiring a moving company in Tumwater, WA may be more expensive, as summer is a peak time for movers. Planning your move during the winter can help you save on moving expenses, making it an economical way to fit moving expenses into your budget.

    Moving during the summer also mean higher prices for the place you want to live. Summertime brings new tenants to apartments quickly, making the demand high, and prices often adjust accordingly. You might look into moving during the winter when many apartments have discounted rates. Apartments are desperately looking to fill vacancies during the winter and may even be willing to negotiate on the price. This could get you into an affordable apartment at a price lower than you expected.

    While the nice weather in summer can be a definite reason to move, it can also be a disadvantage during moving. Heat and humidity can make the already difficult task of moving even harder as you can get dehydrated and exhausted easily. The cool winter months can offer a break from the heat and provide a work environment that is more comfortable for your moving company in Tumwater, WA.

    At the end of the day, regardless of when you decide to move, hiring a moving company in Tumwater, WA will allow the process to go more smoothly for you and your family, as professional movers are equipped to move during any time of the year, even in poor conditions. Get in touch with All Ready Moving for all your moving needs. We offer packing services, secure storage and experienced movers that will take care in moving your belongings and help you get settled in your new place.