• Moving can be a stressful process, but it shouldn’t put stress on your muscles. If you can’t get a moving company in Tumwater, WA to move your heavy objects for you or you’re helping someone who is doing it for you, it’s important you know or learn the proper way to lift and set down objects.

    Many of us have heard that we need to bend our knees when we lift something, but many of us disregard it or don’t think it’s that important with light objects. It’s important to bend our knees with every lift we do, regardless of the weight of the objects. The following are some common questions about lifting with your knees instead of your back:

    How do I properly lift loads without straining my back?

    Long story short, you need to bend your knees when you plan to lift something. Injury can occur if your knees are not bent and the power of your legs is not used. One of the most common strains can come from a muscle pulling on the spine.

    The body needs to have something called reciprocal inhibition when lifting objects. Reciprocal inhibition happens when one set of the muscle becomes involved in the process while the other set becomes uninvolved in the process.

    If you lift correctly, your butt and your spine are flexed, or involved, and your back and hip muscle and hip flexor become uninvolved so you can eventually stand upright. You always want to put the pressure on your leg muscles, not your back and hip. If pressure is put on those muscles, you can become injured.

    What happens when I don’t lift properly? 

    When you lift with your legs straight and add the weight of the object, your hamstrings become uninvolved and your back muscles end up being the primary muscle group that lifts the object. In other words, your back and hip muscle and hip flexor will become involved, forcing the top of your pelvis down against the action of the back.

    You’ll be lifting with a rounding lower back. This can cause low back strain due to overstretched quads and lower back.

    How do I set something down?

    If something is too heavy, you will notice that your torso will bend or you’ll start to lean forward, putting pressure on your back muscles. You should always keep your torso straight to keep the back muscles from gaining too much pressure. Remember that you always want your back muscles to be uninvolved.

    When you need to set something down or you’ve carried it far enough, keep your back straight, again bending at the knees and gently put the object down.

    To avoid injury altogether or to avoid worrying about proper posture, it’s best to hire a moving company in Tumwater, WA to move your heavy objects. They have the strength, the training and the tools to move large and heavy items without the possibility of injuring themselves. Visit All Ready Moving to hire a quality moving company!