• Moving can be a stressful process. You can’t put your whole life on pause while you move, but you have to spend a considerable amount of time planning everything out, packing your belongings and tying up the loose ends. When moving, you’ll want to do it in the easiest way possible.

    One way to make the moving process a tad easier is by renting portable storage units in Tumwater, WA. While you’ll end up storing all of your belongings in your new home or apartment, having the extra space that comes with the storage unit will be beneficial during the actual moving process. The following are some of the ways renting a storage unit will help:

    • Allows for staggered moving: Sometimes it just so happens that you close on your house before you can move into your new house. In those instances, you have everything packed and out but you don’t have any place to put your belongings. Having a storage unit helps you store all of your belongings and only keep your day-to-day belongings on you while you crash at a family member or friend’s house or live out of a hotel room for a few days. Once your new place opens, you can then take what you want out of the storage unit. Even if your house does close just as you’re allowed to move into your new house, or the timing is just right, a storage unit helps you take your time moving everything in, piece by piece.
    • Gives you storage where you want it: Not only are these storage units, but they’re also portable, meaning you can put them wherever you want. You won’t have to constantly drive back and forth to conventional storage unit places while you move: you can have access right outside of your new house. It’s more convenient and a much less costly way of storing your belongings.
    • Keeps you organized: Organization is key to moving, from the beginning of the process to the very end of the process. When you move in and don’t have anything like a portable storage unit, everything has to go into the house at once. This means boxes and furniture is all over the place and it’ll take days until all boxes are unpacked and out of the house. A storage unit can keep the new house clear and clutter-free while you move. You can unpack your belongings room by room and keep everything that doesn’t belong in that room in the storage unit. It will give you time and space to organize and make your new place feel like home.

    Having a portable storage unit will help you consolidate the moving process as well. Instead of having boxes in your car and in a conventional storage unit as well as maybe a small moving truck, all of your belongings will be in one place in one location. For portable storage units in Tumwater, WA that will help you make your moving experience less stressful, contact All Ready Moving.